What is your experience?

I've been photographing weddings since the late 90's. During that time, I also studied fine art photography and assisted other photographers. This included photojournalistic, editorial, commercial, architectural and fashion photo shoots. Assisting opened my eye to the importance of location, lighting and the ongoing creative process. I always worked on small personal projects with an emphasis in fashion and portraiture. I've been lucky enough to been employed since 2001 by Traverse: Northern Michigan's Magazine, an award winning publication located in Northern Michigan. I also have a few commercial and editorial clients. It seems the camera never gets dusty. And I'm always learning.

What is your wedding style?

Although, it seems the word "photojournalistic" is liberally used, I would call it "integrated." Weddings are probably the most demanding photo shoots there are. I use everything I know. Although being decisive and intuitive will get you great images, I also aim for the best composition,lighting and shape possible. When it all comes together it can be a beautiful thing.

How long do you work?

I have worked up to 12 hours but right now anywhere from 6-10 hours. My bookings are limited so I stay fresh for the wedding day. I usually start 2-4 hours before the ceremony and work into the reception.

Do you work alone?

I typically bring an assistant who helps also shoot images. Two sets of eyes can create some contrast in styles and helps in the overall production.

Do you use digital or film?

I use digital and shoot JPG's and RAW formats. Digital allows for me to shoot a loarge quantity of images very quickly. It also makes it easy to convert images to black-and-white. I use to shoot up to 30 rolls of film but now I have an assistant help with downloading into a laptop and then backing up to another hard drive. I use Canon digital cameras and L- series lenses.

How many pictures do you take?

I have taken up to 1500 for some shoots but 700-1000 is a good estimate. I then spend
a good couple days editing, converting and retouching. A lot of the edited images are the out of focus, unworkable exposure or repetitive shots. I try to get the edit down to 250-500 images.

How do we view these images ?

I post the final edit to Pictage.com an online site for wedding and event photographers 2-4 weeks after the wedding. Pictage offers a creative selection of quality products which include custom prints,albums,thank you's and proofs. This allows for sharing images with family and friends. It is the easiest way to manage your images and create quality prints or books. Your event is posted online up to 6 months if needed.

So how do we book and pay you for the wedding?

Contact me through e-mail. Send me a completed contract with a $500 retainer to hold the date. I stay in contact vie e-mail or phone as needed as your wedding date nears. The retainer is applied towards the balance, which is due one week before the wedding date.

What happens if you can't shoot due to sickness ?

I do stay pretty healthy and in a rare occurrence I could not fulfill my obligation I would find another photographer to replace me. I do stay in contact with a handful of other wedding photographers with similar style. In the very unlikely event I would not be able to get coverage for your wedding event, I would refund all money received by me at that point for the booking.

Do you work from a shot list or take any posed portraits?

I do not do traditional wedding glamour with posed rings and hands being an example. I meet with the bride and groom if possible before the event and gather enough information to know what their expectations are. I do like to scout the location if possible. Wedding days are hectic and full of anticipation, and plenty of imagery unfolds as the day progresses. So a list of shots would be a dagger in the creative heart.

I will do formal portraits on request . This would be the extent of direction I give for the day. These can be done before or right after the ceremony. Bride and Groom portraits are recommended and best done after the ceremony with the photographer . With such an event,there are some opportunities for informal portraits with relatives or friends and any requests are welcomed.

So do we get any of the original files or proofs?

After your event is posted, you can select 200 4"x5" or 4"x6" proofs from the web posting. These are yours to keep. Any other products after that are purchased through Pictage.com.

I do release the final edited web version of your event to you 6 months after your wedding. These are the original digital files on a DVD. There is no guarantee to quality of prints done by you or a third party.

I also include a soft bound 8x10”, 10 page book edited and designed by myself as a complimentary gift. I usually send this after 6 months with the original files. It is a nice way for me to reflect on the images and your wedding day as I design it.

What is the total cost for your services?

I charge a total cost of $2800.00 for the following products and services: